Editing & Copywriting Service

Editing & Copywriting Service

I provide a professional editing and copywriting service in English language, provided by a native English speaker, educated to degree level, and with over thirty years of business & marketing experience.

My work delivers considerable “added value” compared with alternative and more basic editing services. 

I am an experienced practitioner of data analysis, report writing and copywriting, providing valuable input to written reports & presentations, brochures, websites and other types of commercial material. With over thirty years of business experience in the service sector, including travel and tourism, management consultancy, market research, financial services, distribution and retail.

In addition to correcting grammatical or spelling mistakes and improving the general flow of the text, I also have the following objectives in mind when I am editing and writing material for my clients.

– To ensure that the the running order of the information provided in the text is logical and easy to follow.

– To make the text read more professionally and business like.

– To improve the tone of the text, so that it sounds more positive and generates a more affirmative impact.

For example, instead of writing “please do not hesitate to contact us”, I would rather say, “we would be delighted to hear from you, please contact us without hesitation”.

– To enhance the creativity of the writing, and to add some life and energy to the wording and expression.

All of this means that the improved presentation of your business in English language will make you look more professional, enhance your image, provide you with a competitive edge, and help you to attract more customers. 

Who can benefit from these services:  

Any business, large or small, that needs to present itself in English language to its prospective customers, using brochures, websites or any other marketing communications. My services will help to make the presentation of your business more credible, professional, creative and attractive.

My credentials:  

If you would like to see some actual examples of “before and after” editing and copywriting work that I have provided for other clients, I will gladly oblige. And if you require one or two client references, these can also be arranged for your consideration.

Service delivery and fees: 

You will find that my rates are most reasonable and offer excellent value for money. Please contact me with your enquiry and I will be delighted to offer you some detailed proposals and a quotation, without obligation. You can be assured that I will deliver a reliable and high quality service, always within promised timescales.

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