Travel consultancy services

Travel consultancy services

I offer bespoke travel consultancy services to prospective visitors of Central and Eastern Europe, with an especially good knowledge and “hands on” experience of Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Montenegro. My coverage also extends to Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia and the United Kingdom. 

Whether you are planning to travel by train, bus, or hiring your own car, I can help you to plan your perfect trip.  

Planning private tour itineraries which are custom made to the specific needs and preferences of my clients is second nature to my approach. But I do appreciate that taking a private tour by road is not always the first choice method of travel for some travellers, who might prefer the independence of hiring a car or taking public transport.

So for those of you who might prefer a more independent style of vacation, whilst enjoying the peace of mind of planning their trip in consultation with a local travel expert, I am pleased to offer my assistance.

You can be assured that your trip will be carefully planned with the following objectives in mind:

– To ensure that the the running order of your proposed travel itinerary is logical, time efficient, and cost effective.

– To recommend overnight locations which are easily accessible for your preferred method of travel, with lots of interesting and enjoyable things to do, plus a good range of hotel accommodation and restaurant options.

– To plan routes in each country which include where possible all of the unmissable places to see, the most attractive scenery and the most popular local visitor attractions – with realistic timescales and at a comfortable pace.

– To fully understand your own personal interests and preferences, and to apply these to all of my suggestions. Such as the style and facilities of my recommended hotels, my proposed options for dining out, and my other advice regarding your general sightseeing, activities and entertainment – including the best known visitor attractions and plenty of opportunities for discovering a few hidden gems.

All of this means that you will be provided with a travel itinerary and many insider tips and recommendations which are matched perfectly with your needs, preferences and expectations.  

Who can benefit from these services?  

Anyone who loves travelling independently and doing their own thing, but with the additional benefits which come from planning a trip with the guidance of a locally based travel expert.

What can you expect to receive from my travel consultancy services?   

At the first stage of your consultation, I will be in regular contact with you so that I can fully qualify your needs and preferences. Once I am fully aware of your requirements I will get to work on planning your itinerary. I will send you a first draft of my recommendations in a basic format for your initial consideration. This will provide us both with an opportunity to make a few tweaks before I produce the final version of your custom made tour itinerary.

The final version of your tour itinerary details and recommendations will be produced in an attractive illustrated format, with a one page overview of the running order of your itinerary, followed by a page by page daily summary of your itinerary details which will include my proposed self drive routes or train/bus times, my hotel and restaurant recommendations, the opening times for visitor attractions and other activities, my suggestions for other things to see and do, the contact details of local city guides, and some useful background information for the places you will be visiting. Your custom made itinerary booklet will be produced in an electronic format which is easy to print, and sent to you by email. Now you will have all of the tools at your disposal for arranging your trip.

Optional concierge service:

If you would prefer that my agency takes full responsibility for arranging your hotel reservations, purchasing your train or bus tickets, organising your car hire, booking your entrances at various visitor attractions, or securing the services of local city guides, this facility is available subject to the agreement of the individual service providers. There would be a fixed management fee for this service, plus in most cases each supplier would need to be paid fully in advance of your trip. I would take responsibility for the reservation and payment arrangements with each supplier, and provide you with vouchers for each service provider. My concierge service also includes a 24/7 emergency contact number to respond to any problems or further queries you might have during your trip.

My credentials:  

Based in Lake Bled in Slovenia, I have almost twenty years of experience in the travel business, covering all of the countries mentioned above. My travel agency provides its own private tour and private transfer services, which is how I have developed first hand such an in-depth knowledge of these countries in Europe.

Service delivery and fees: 

You will find that my rates are more than reasonable. In fact, you are likely find that my consultancy fee is actually lower than the cost savings you make from my travel tips and advice, enabling you to save money, and to plan your trip with greater confidence and reassurance.

Please contact us with your enquiry.

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