Professional writing and editing services

Professional writing and editing services in English language.

I provide professional editing and writing services in English language. I am a native English speaker, educated to degree level, and with over thirty years of commercial writing and marketing experience.

My key skills and attributes include writing creative text across a broad range of subjects covering many business and social issues – such as marketing, customer satisfaction, product development, technology, finance, travel & tourism, hospitality & leisure, social and demographic trends, and other lifestyle related topics. The application of my work is mainly used for creating or enhancing text in English language for websites, blogs, social media, reports, presentations, brochures, direct marketing and advertising.

In addition to making sure that my work is accurate, informative and well presented – I aim much further to provide my clients with considerable extra value, as follows:

– by ensuring that the structure and running order of the text is logical and easy to follow.

– by adopting different writing styles and tones which are well aligned with our clients’ expectations, and suitably pitched to hit the right notes with their intended audience.

– by using positive language which is uplifting, and which generates a more affirmative impact.


A professional and attractive presentation of your business in English language can make your organisation look more credible and improve your corporate image internationally – providing you with a competitive edge, and helping you to attract more customers in global markets. 

Who can benefit from these services:  

Any organisation or business, large or small, that needs to present itself in English language to its customers, users or any other stakeholders. My services can help to make the presentation of your business to the outside world look more professional, innovative and attractive – improving you credibility, image and competitiveness.

My credentials:  

If you would like to see some actual examples of written work that I have provided to other clients, this can be arranged. Or if you require client references, these can also be supplied for your consideration.

Service delivery and fees: 

You will find that my rates are most reasonable and that my services provide excellent value. Please contact me with your enquiry and I will be pleased to offer you my proposals and a quotation, without any obligation on your part. I can assure you with absolute confidence that you will be happy with the reliability and quality of my services, which are always delivered within promised timescales.

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