Payments & Terms

Payments & Terms


General information regarding our payments and terms:

Here are our payment policies and booking terms.

You might be required to secure your reservation with a deposit payment, this will be confirmed at the time of your booking enquiry with your quotation. In the case of our Ljubljana airport private transfer services, prepaid deposits are not normally required, and your full payment will be required in cash on your arrival day. Where deposits are required for longer distance transfers and private tours, a deposit is normally required and paid by international bank transfer. Balances are normally required in cash on our clients’ arrival day, or one calendar month in advance of this date by bank transfer.

Some of our services are arranged using third-party transportation, guiding, or accommodation providers. We aim to provide our clients with as much payment flexibility as possible. Eliminating advance payments where we can and facilitating opportunities for our clients to pay suppliers on the actual day of service.  Where clients have the option to pay third-party service providers directly the payment terms are agreed directly between service providers and themselves.

All matters relating to service level agreements, payment terms, and data security provisions between clients and third-party service providers are strictly between the parties concerned. Graeme Harvey Chuter s.p. Four Seasons Travel will not be responsible for third-party service providers.  


Cash payments:

Some of our pre-booked private transfer and 1-day private tour services do not require a deposit. Payments due on the actual day of service should be received in cash (euros) please.  Balance payments received on the day of service for private transfers or tours are normally be paid in cash.


All prepaid deposits, balances, or full amounts paid by international bank transfer:

Making international payments by bank transfer is the safest and most secure method of payment. However, you should be aware that your bank is most likely to charge you a fee for this service and you must cover these bank charges in full please.

This means that you should please provide your bank with the following instructions:

1) The fees charged by your bank for arranging the transfer must NOT be included within the amount of funds being transferred. These transfer fees should be covered separately by you.

2) Your bank should make the conversion from your local currency into euros before they arrange the transfer. If this does not happen we are unlikely to receive the correct payment amount in euros. Our bank will charge us a currency conversion fee which you will subsequently need to cover.


Our bank account and company details are as follows:

IBAN: SI56 101000049232345
BANK ADDRESS: Banka Koper, Kranjska cesta 18a, 4240 Radovljica, Slovenia.
REGISTERED COMPANY NAME: TA Graeme Harvey Chuter S.P. Four Seasons Travel.
COMPANY ADDRESS: Zgornje Gorje 9a, 4247 Zgornje Gorje, Slovenia.


Cancellation and refunds policy:

Unless specified otherwise, these general cancellation and refunds apply to all of our services.

If a deposit is required to secure a private transfer or 1-day tour reservation, the amount of this deposit will be confirmed at the time of booking and all prepaid deposits are non-refundable. The balance will normally be due on the actual day of the service with payment in cash.

Deposits or arrangement fees are normally required to secure a private tour reservation.  All prepaid deposits and arrangement fees are non-refundable. Balance payments will normally be due one month in advance of the client’s expected first day of service. These payments are also fully non-refundable.

In the event that your service needs to be rearranged because of imposed travel restrictions relating to covid-19, your deposit and/or balance payment is transferable to your rescheduled service. Refunds are not a standard policy but will be considered as a gesture of goodwill depending on an individual client’s circumstances. 

Where clients are offered the flexibility to pay third-party service providers directly, such as for transportation or hotel accommodation, the cancellation and refund terms will be agreed upon between each service provider and our clients. It is likely that each service provider will request some form of security from the clients such as the clients’ credit card details. All matters of payment terms and data security between clients and third-party service providers are strictly between the parties concerned. Our agency (Graeme Harvey Chuter s.p. Four Seasons Travel) bears no involvement or responsibility.


Off-cruise tours from Koper:

In the unlikely event of the cruise ship not being able to dock at the Port of Koper on the day, at short notice due to bad weather or any other reason, advance deposit payments or full payments will not be refunded. In such an event, we would recommend that clients refer to the policy details of their travel insurance with a view to making a legitimate claim for their expenses.

Likewise, in the event that a cruise operator removes the Port of Koper from its cruise itinerary before the start of the cruise, advance deposit payments or full payments will not be refunded.

In the unlikely event that a shore/cruise tour is severely delayed and fails to make it back to the Port of Koper on time. Graeme Harvey Chuter s.p. Four Seasons Travel will not be held responsible for this. Neither will our agency be responsible for any extra costs incurred by the clients in such an event. We are diligent with the amount of contingency time that we build into our itineraries. Our clients accept our proposed tour arrangements at their own risk.


Services provided by third party providers at short notice:

Graeme Harvey Chuter s.p. Four Seasons Travel has the right to subcontract its private transfer and tour services to third-party providers without prior notice. But this situation is most unlikely to happen. Clients will be informed about such arrangements in advance of our service delivery. Graeme Harvey Chuter s.p. Four Seasons Travel will not be held responsible for any costs, accidental damage, or personal injury resulting from the actions or negligence of any third-party service provider.  

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